More excellent funeral from the States, this time from Portland to be precise, with the debut of Ephemeros. After having talked about the excellent proof of Lycus a few days ago, one can only reiterate pleasantly how also on this occasion we are faced with another record of absolute value, as well as with very similar characteristics. Indeed, the sources of inspiration appear the same (Evoken, Asunder, Mournful Congregation) but, perhaps, Ephemeros appear even more orthodox in their proposal than the California band. Leaden atmospheres, speeds constantly reduced to a minimum, an appropriate growl, a rocky and unyielding impact, in All Hail Corrosion all these components make up the framework of a perfectly successful record that, if you will, only still pays a little duty to all the aforementioned names, an aspect that frankly I find it hard to consider a real flaw. The three long tracks form one compact front, although the ten-minute Stillborn Workhorse stands out for its excellent guitar work and the use of more rarefied but equally intense passages. Another band that stands as yet another part of a U.S. funeral scene that rarely disappoints.

2013 – Seventh Rule Recordings / Parasitic Records