Kongh – Counting Heartbeats

The re-release of Counting Heartbeats, the debut full length of the Swedish sludge doom band Kongh, by Agonia Records, is one of those classic operations that can provide meaning to initiatives of this type that instead, frequently, represent just another way to bleed money from fans without providing particularly good reasons to proceed with the purchase. In this case, on the contrary, there are several pretexts to invest a few euros, to suffer from the intrinsic value of the disc , which remains undoubtedly one of the best expressions of the genre released in the last decade and absolute peak in the career of Kongh, although Shadows Of The Shapeless and, above all, the recent Sole Creation remain in any case very good works. The second of the two CDs in the luxurious package, which in its first run also includes a band t-shirt, contains instead the debut demo dating back to 2006 and especially the very long Drifting On The Waves, originally released in the split with Ocean Chief. This reissue constitutes, therefore, a juicy opportunity both for those who are not yet familiar with Kongh and also for those who have already come to appreciate their hypnotic and at times eerie sludge doom, characterized by the frequent use of isolated and haunting guitar chords. In short, for once, a strongly recommended backward leap.

2013 – Agonia Records