Secret Doctrine had closed in 2010 the compulsive phase of Vahe Soghomonyan’s career, who would take a break of about three years, presumably coinciding with his move to St. Petersburg, to return with a new album, Dreams, which succeeds in the not simple goal of encapsulating in one fell swoop all the nuances of the sound offered by Sadael in the past; thus can coexist, in a convincing manner, doom in a guise closer to death than to funeral, ambient and classical leanings, for a more than positive although not entirely obvious outcome. Assisting Soghomonyan on vocals is compatriot Vladimir Melikyan, with whom he had meanwhile formed the death metal duo Disfinite (whose debut Duality will follow the release of Dreams by a month or so), while the writing of the lyrics is entrusted to Felipe V., mastermind of Aura Hiemis (a Chilean writing lyrics in English for an Armenian living in Russia is the apotheosis of globalization, in its most positive sense).

2013 – Endless Winter