Apathetic – Song For Summer

From Tasmania comes not only the pissed-off marsupial made famous and far more sympathetic by Disney cartoons but also this solo project called Apathetic. Its initial extemporaneity stems from the fact that James Hooper, drummer for the death doom band Nosce Teipsum, composed the album Song For Summer on the occasion of his daughter’s birth in 2009. The album was released when little Summer was already four years old partly because Hooper made it in the spare time carved out from his main commitments. The result is an album that is as pleasant as ever, with enveloping atmospheres and a melodic idea that is always well delineated. If you will, the only flaw in the work is that of being a bit too uniform rhythmically, which always results in a potential obstacle for the listener when the duration exceeds well over an hour as in this case.

2013 – Independent