Another Portuguese entity juxtaposable to funeral are the mysterious Hanged Ghost, authors of a pair of demos, Remembrance (2010) and Remembrance Pt.II (2011) released under the aegis of Daniel Miranda’s Bubonic (Bosque). The sound of this anonymous duo is actually steeped in a heavy substratum of primitive death doom and sometimes depressive black overtones, although the haunting and particularly slowed-down approach fully justifies its inclusion in funeral. This at least happens until the long-distance debut Knowledge of the Occult (2011), in which the sonic “filthiness” becomes the ideal picklock that opens rusty doors to putrescent abysses from Lovecraftian imagery, while the subsequent The Attraction of Oblivion marks a significant evolution in the sense of usability, without however losing the raw approach, going to lap sounds close to early Katatonia and, at times, even to Forgotten Tomb at reduced revs.

2013 – Labyrinth Productions