Silence After Funeral is a Finnish duo made up of people very active in their country’s metal scene and personally involved in the Sick Twins Productions record label, actually a true collective of musicians, and this is evidenced by the fact that all the bands on the roster are linked together at the line-up level. Specifically, this project, involving Houre Noire and Zacob, is aimed at reviving the gothic tradition of the land of a thousand lakes by taking as its main points of inspiration both the more melodic Sentenced and of course Him, but it must be said that this record is not as derivative as one might fear: the sound of the two appears after all rather personal and and certainly not too prone to commercial-type temptations; the atmospheres proposed are apt despite the fact that they do not abuse themselves with keyboards; Houre Noire almost always exhibits clean vocals in a very evocative way except in the penultimate track, when he tries his hand at a good growl however, in the context of the record, he ends up being slightly out of tune. The very first three tracks are the ones that are definitely the best and capable of providing the emotions sought: especially Where The Serpents Are Growing and Ghostpresence appear decidedly successful despite being rather long (we are talking about an average duration between 7-8 minutes) precisely because they show a rather neat melodic trait; the self-titled Silence After Funeral, on the other hand, appears more shifted toward gothic doom but, while good, does not rise to the level of the previous tracks, and the same can be said for the last track, Engraved, which turns out to be perhaps the least effective of the lot, while not being despicable, due to the absence of memorable moments combined with an admittedly excessive duration. In these forty minutes, however, Silence After Funeral show that they can handle the material with a certain ease and, certainly, this record is recommended to all those who intend to listen to good gothic metal devoid of particular harshness but full of truly remarkable passages. 

2013 – Sick Twins Production