Plateau Sigma – White Wings of Nightmares

Hailing from the extreme strip of Liguria called Ventimiglia, Plateau Sigma was formed in the late winter of 2010 by Manuel Vicari and Nino Zuppardo. Manuel had just interrupted his militancy in Screaming Jesus, a dark wave band, and with Plateau Sigma he returns to his doom roots. Their sound is doom tinged with death and heavy metal, very close to the French style of the 1980s. There are parts sung in growl when the atmosphere gets heavy, and instead parts sung very well in the more atmospheric passages. Plateau Sigma succeeds very well in their intention to give the listener emotions, taking us now to desolate moors, now to deep tombs. Over the past three years, the band has certainly evolved, this record is already mature and contains very well thought-out compositions. It is a little difficult to explain, to someone who has never experienced it, the melancholic thrill that certain doom metal gives, that sweet decadence, death and yet poetry. As a return to the scenes of Beyond… Productions there is nothing wrong with it, in fact great. Ventimiglia enters powerfully on the doom metal map, and does so with excellence. (M.Argo, MetalEyes 09/09/13)

2012 – Independent 2013 – Beyond… Productions