When a musician decides to call his band Slow it is unlikely that the genre he will propose will be speed or power metal, while it is much more likely that a similar moniker will fit perfectly with doom, even better if funeral, as is the case here. Behind the name Slow we actually find only Déhà, a Belgian musician in whom we already came across a few months ago in reviewing the work of Deos; his solo adventure, while remaining in the funeral death doom area, partially differs from what he did in cohabitation with Daniel Neagoe, mainly because the work has features less death-oriented and much more pushed toward ambient drone. III-Gaïa consists of only two tracks, the first of which lasts a good forty minutes while the second is exhausted in half an hour; already from this it appears rather evident how much Déhà could care less about making his sound more usable, and this is confirmed by the fact that Gaïa – Part 1 is introduced by more than ten minutes of drone, before the melodic component takes over the sound leading it with due slowness to an objectively splendid finale. Part 2 in fact seems to be an ideal continuation of the previous track, developing harmonies of great intensity and capable of evoking feelings of melancholy and disillusionment, along the lines of Ea who, at this time, definitely represent a shared reference point for the most melodic funeral. III-Gaïa is a splendid album that, unfortunately, like most of the releases related to this stylistic sphere, will end up being ignored by most while remaining equally and dutifully recommended to all those who, being familiar with the proposed genre, will be able to draw the due gratification from it.

2013 – Silent Time Noise