The Portuguese duo Embraced By Fall makes its debut with this ep of just under half an hour in which it showcases a decidedly interesting doom, albeit one completely lacking in any particular melodic outlets. In fact, the Lusitanian musicians have a rather raw approach to the subject matter and their ache of living is basically expressed by a sound that is in some ways rather repetitive, but certainly of great intensity and equally effective, when the whole thing is then complemented by a deep growl that fits well with the themes dealt with as usual in these cases. In the course of this journey made of suffering toward a goal that, in fact, is not such, the five tracks are on average set to a slow tempo, apart from Demons, which is slightly more rhythmic, and Asylum, in which the element of discontinuity consists of some accelerations that make the whole thing sound like a kind of slowed-down black metal. However, the overall impact proves to be remarkable and, since this is a debut step, certainly very promising; waiting to see them again on the first full length test, Embraced By Fall stands out as a reality to be kept under close observation.

2013 – Independent