Bosque – Nowhere

Four years after the debut album, Portuguese one man band Bosque reappears with a new full length. Not that in the nearly ten years of existence of his musical creature DM has limited himself to just these two albums, since production under the Bosque name is littered with demos and ep’s, but it is normal that the long-distance dimension is always the most probing, especially for those who venture into the funeral doom sphere. The forty minutes of Nowhere drag us by weight, precisely, into a non-place, in which suffering is the prevailing sentiment, capable of suffocating any hint of melody by imprisoning it in a disturbing sound, full of noises placed in the background. The harrowing Gregorian chant that tries to make its way through dissonant structures and distorted instruments bordering on paroxysmal could be the ideal representation of self-flagellation, of a self-inflicted pain gone on a loop, a metaphor for an existence forced to drag painfully and confined within univocal and repetitive patterns. A melodic hint pitifully makes its way through thanks to an acoustic guitar that traces consolatory lines before the martyrdom of flesh and spirit resumes, culminating in the obsessive reiteration of riffs in Metamorphosis, a hypothetical as well as illusory turning point beyond which nothingness awaits, well represented by the title of the concluding track and the reappearance of the choruses to give the record a circular progression, as if to prove that the beginning and the end are only ephemeral definitions. DM shows no sign of empathizing with the listener, the suffering is manifested through widespread and heartbreaking grief, without any seamlessness; Nowhere shows a form of funeral at the antipodes of the more melodic side of the genre, but this should not be underestimated: it is quite evident, moreover, that the enjoyment of a work of these characteristics is a feat for those few who possess the patience and that pinch of masochism necessary to allow themselves to be enveloped by sounds that do little to make themselves pleasing at first impact; an aspect, this, that depending on one’s point of view can appear both a merit and an insurmountable limitation. A record that goes deep into the soul, leaving wounds and lacerations that are difficult to heal.

2013 – Total Holocaust Records