The Greek Final Words Of Sorrow‘s debut takes us pleasantly back a few years, reintroducing gothic death doom sounds immersed entirely in the 1990s. The band marks its entrance on the scene with this short ep of only four pieces, enough however to sense the considerable potential possessed by this young Athenian quintet; Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Nightfall (just to stay in Hellenic territory), are the reference bands that more or less openly emerge more clearly from listening to Reflection Of A Shadow, even if, in certain passages, several affinities (perhaps not entirely intended) with the lesser-known Cemetary of Black Vanity jumped out at my ear. Nothing particularly innovative, then, but the tracks tell us of a songwriting that is anything but banal, always well balanced between the more melancholic and reflective moments and the accelerations that, however, only in Testament Of Future Death take on a more decisive imprint. The ep, in fact, rests almost entirely on a more reassuring mid tempo, with the opener Cold Womb offering itself as the most immediate track, with an imprint strongly indebted to the best nineties gothic doom, and with the title track, placed at the close, showing the darker and more personal side of the Greek combo’s sound. A little more than twenty minutes that constitute an interesting taste of what Final Words Of Sorrow might be able to do in the future: the road taken is the right one, so we just have to wait for their next move, with the hope that this work will arouse the attention of some label. 

2013 – Independent