The Finns Wraithmaze reintroduce themselves to the public after their 2011 long-distance debut with this successful ep based on death doom with distinctly melodic traits. The band’s sound, in fact, appears to be centered on the excellent keyboard work of leader Janne Kielinen, but it must be said that the instrument does not end up overflowing as often happens at such junctures, leaving instead the right space for the rest of the instrumentation as well. It is precisely the accentuated melodic flavor that is most pleasing in Fields Of Nihilism: the four tracks are decidedly flowing and, after all, if it were not for Jarko Rintee’s growl to enrage and lend morbidity to the songwriting, the ep would remain firmly anchored in atmospheres that are potentially enjoyable even for listeners not necessarily accustomed to the genre. Very apt among others, the leading theme of Homeless, but a bit of all the tracks are littered with exciting, compelling passages, often juxtaposable to the solemnity of certain soundtracks (Battle With The Bottle) and excellently executed from a technical point of view. It is just a pity that the whole thing runs out in just over twenty minutes, but those who want to, while waiting for a new album, can safely go and rediscover the previous full length Adagio In Self-Destruction without running the risk of being disappointed. Really good work by Wraithmaze, who, while not reinventing the wheel, bring to the plate a fascinating work of great substance, an ideal viaticum to a desirable next album.

2014 – Independent