Funeral Moth – Dense Fog

Funeral Moth were founded in 2005 by Nobuyuki Sentou (vocals, bass), Makoto Fujishima (vocals, guitar) and Junpei Ishimaru (drums) but their first release came the following year, with the demo The Moth Flying to the Funeral Sky, published by Weird Truth Productions, a label created some time earlier by Fujishima himself and destined to become one of the world’s reference labels for extreme doom. The two long tracks contained in the work highlight a band that is already mature enough and that makes use of a good production for a debut demo, while the sound advances exasperatingly slow, approaching those Worship to whom Funeral Moth will support in their 2008 Japanese tour, ending up, then, in the roster of the label managed by Makoto; these same tracks are then reworked and re-proposed in the self-titled ep of 2008. The following years saw the band struggling with a solid live activity, so we have to wait until 2014 to hear the first full length Dense Fog: in the meantime Funeral Moth became a quartet, losing one of the founders, drummer Junpei Ishimaru, along the way and replacing him with Youichirou Azegami, as well as enlisting a second guitarist in the person of Tomohiro Kanjya. Dense Fog is a further evolution in a claustrophobic sense of a sound that proceeds pachydermically, alternating acoustic rarefactions that have little or nothing graceful or reassuring about them; the sound unfolds resulting in an ideal fusion of Worship, Mournful Congregation and Ataraxie, minus a few sporadic melodic impulses.

2014 – Weird Truth Prouctions 2015 – Throne Records