Until My Funerals Began – False Horizon

The Ukrainians Until My Funerals Began, as you can easily guess from the moniker, offer a funeral doom with melodic traits, which can be placed in a stylistic area that includes acts such as Ea, Eye Of Solitude and, in part, Saturnus. Although not reaching the compositional heights of the above mentioned names, the Donetsk trio shows good compositional skills, managing to unravel with a certain ease in more than an hour of music with obviously very slow traits. The sound of Rumit’s band (Until My Funerals Began was born as a solo project of his, then expanded to a trio already since the second full length of 2011, Behind The Windows) is mainly based on keyboard progressions but, when the guitar takes the stage, this happens with a certain taste, outlining the usual melodic lines full of melancholic moods, a feature that, although not a novelty, makes the listening of False Horizon absolutely pleasant. A song like Into The Lake Of Ghosts, even if it’s a cover (My Dying Bride), is emblematic of the band’s ability to rework and show evocative harmonies that can involve the listener, with the fundamental help of Coroner’s growl, really convincing even if sometimes too much loaded with effects. All in all, a good work, maybe partially penalized by a not exceptional recording as well as by the questionable use of the drum machine, which gives back a sound too dry and, inevitably, not very dynamic; despite this, False Horizon turns out to be a listening recommended without any reservation to the usual users of the genre.

2013 – Silent Time Noise