Fuoco Fatuo – The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What Remains

The debut album of Fuoco Fatuo presents itself under the banner of the most rigorous and uncontaminated death doom, a stylistic choice indeed not too widespread in our parts. In fact, The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What Remains manages to amplify both the exasperating slowness of doom and the deafening violence of death: the result is a frightening monolith of sound of over fifty minutes, capable of grabbing the unfortunate listeners by the throat, dragging them into its whirlpools and pushing them further and further down, to those abysses never lapped by a glimmer of light and populated by monstrous creatures, similar to those that populated the visionary stories of Lovecratf. We had left the Lombardy trio struggling with an ep, 33 Colpi di Schizofrenia Astrale nell’Abisso Nero, which had highlighted their undoubted potential, seeing them ranging from a solidly doom base, now towards shades of sludge now of dark ambient matrix, without disdaining the use of a Hammond capable of giving the sound an undoubted charm; a little more than a year later the musical direction appears much clearer and, never as in this case, the stylistic compactness at the expense of a certain versatility paradoxically turns out to be more of an advantage than a limit. With this album Fuoco Fatuo make a surprising leap in quality, pulverizing any melodic temptation in favour of a devastating impact, accentuated by riffs of pachydermic heaviness. The rare accelerations, with black references, do not affect an overall picture that, to exemplify the most, could remember both a 16-rpm version of the oppressive Morbid Angel of Covenant and, above all, a further exaggeration of the already heavy death doom of the American masters Evoken; a black flow of notes that leaves no hope of salvation to the damned souls, stubbornly beaten by such a blunt violence. Listen to The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What Remains as if it were composed of a single track, at a volume suitable to the evil intentions of Fuoco Fatuo, leaving you definitely buried by a work damn engaging even in its apparent linearity.

2014 – Iron Tyrant