Darkher – The Kingdom Field

No moniker seems more appropriate than the one chosen by Jayn Hanna Wissenberg to start this solo project: Darkher ideally merges the absolute darkness in which you plunge from the first note and the feminine artistic sensitivity of a musician who gives a little more than twenty minutes that are worth hours, such is the spasmodic emotional intensity that pervades this ep titled The Kingdom Field. Ghost Tears, also accompanied by a video that fits perfectly with the mood of the song, makes us plunge in an instant into a world where, compared to the darkest and heaviest sounds of doom, the pain and despair give way to disquiet and loss: all this is conveyed without the aid of artificial vocals or sound effects, but simply with the bewitching voice of Wissenberg accompanied by a predominantly acoustic instrumentation. Hung continues in the work begun with the previous track, wrapping us slowly and patiently as a spider does in weaving its web, where the delicate voice of Jayn (somewhere I’ve seen her define elf, which seems entirely appropriate) stands in stark contrast to solutions from the tones always leaden, which also see the instruments, as well as the voice, almost whisper to the listener their mood distressing. Foregone is partially an exception in this sense, since here the rhythmic base plays a more important role, making the track more lively than the others, without losing the irresistible fascination to which the British singer subjects us. The title track is a short instrumental track placed at the end of an ep that I have no hesitation in defining wonderful: Darkher is like a poison that is assimilated in small doses at each step in the player until, reached the maximum dose tolerable by our body, we will paralyze permanently making us slaves devoted for eternity to this wonderful artist.

2014 – Prophecy Productions