At their eighth record in eighteen years of honorable career, the Austrian band Dornenreich are one of the best known bands in that stylistic segment that can be roughly defined as black folk. Without forcing us to go back too far in time to get the parameters of comparison, listening to Freiheit immediately highlights the choice of Eviga (Jochen Stock) to favor in a clear way the folk sounds compared to its much more metallic predecessor Flammentriebe, in such a way as to make it seem almost that, in the last two works, he wanted to show separately the two faces of Dornenreich, both pleasant and convincing but perhaps preferable when simultaneously integrated within the same album or even better the same song. The first tracks are, in fact, excellent examples of how you can be equally energetic and disturbing even without using electric instruments: the task of supporting lyrics as always deep is entrusted substantially to the acoustic guitar and the violin and this is, all in all, the guideline of the entire work, except for the two central tracks that are embittered mainly only for the contribution of percussion, absent or in the background in most cases. A choice that maybe will not satisfy everyone but surely brave and that marks, according to the same Eviga, the end of a phase of Dornenreich‘s history, which, in fact, at the end of the tour that will be undertaken after the release of the album will be placed in stand-by indefinitely. Freiheit remains however a beautiful example of disc played and composed by musicians of superior level to the average and this allows to overcome, even if with some hint of fatigue, the limits that emerge because of a certain stylistic uniformity. The compositional talent of Eviga, assisted by the always effective violin of Inve (Thomas Riesner) and the excellent percussive work of Gilván (Moritz Neuner, actually rather underused in this occasion), allows to enjoy remarkable tracks such as the initial couple Im Ersten Aller Spiele / Von Kraft Und Wunsch Und Jungen Federn, the more gritty and rhythmic Aus Mut Gewirkt and the real gem called Im Fluß Die Flammen, not to mention that the rest of the tracklist is settled in any case on the usual levels of excellence such as to make us hope with all my heart that the Dornenreich is only a goodbye and not a farewell.

2014 – Prophecy Productions