About a year after talking about their magnificent last album Feretri, Abysmal Grief are back on the market with this interesting retrospective collection entitled We Lead The Procession. Released in different formats (vinyl, CD and even cassette tape, just to emphasize how much the aesthetic and musical imagery of the Genoese band is strongly rooted in the seventies), the work is much more than just a compilation as it contains both unreleased tracks and alternative versions of tracks already published. As always, any product branded Abysmal Grief does not betray, since no one today, not even names much more celebrated and carried in the palm of his hand by the specialized press, is able to propose with equal skill a dark doom horror of such stature. The music of ours evokes the penetrating scents of small cemeteries, the musty smell of old black and white photos extracted from a box that has been forgotten for decades on the shelf of a cellar, proving to be the ideal soundtrack of those movies and TV shows capable of causing pathos and genuine terror without even having to resort to expensive special effects. We Lead The Procession, of course, nothing adds and nothing takes away from the status of Abysmal Grief, but the possibility to listen to excellent songs such as the most recent reissues of Open Sepulchre and Mors Eleison, and documents that seem really recorded and played with a cassette player of seventies memory (Bara), is a more than valid reason to push fans to make their own the collection.

2014 – Terror From Hell Records