I realise that such a statement made after listening to a funeral doom record may seem bizarre, but having discovered an unknown new band capable of composing half an hour of music of such depth put me in a very good mood. Vacant Eyes come from Easthampton, Massachusetts: the noble influences they mention include Daylight Dies, Colosseum and Evoken, among others, and I’d say that by drawing wisely on the sounds of these three wonderful bands the American guys have created the perfect mix that makes The Dim Light Of Introversion one of the best funeral death doom releases I’ve heard in recent times. The melodic sense of the North Carolina band, the tragic mood of the Finns and the blunt pain of the masters of overseas extreme doom led by John Paradiso, find equal space in the three tracks (plus instrumental intro) that show a potential of the highest order. Indifference, The Cortex and the title track are long tracks that while showing an obvious stylistic homogeneity differ from each other for those nuances that the ears more trained in the genre will certainly pick up, although the use of the piano makes it more peculiar to the closing track, relatively lightening the atmosphere thus giving it an aura more melancholy than painful. Despite the fact that the album was recorded in a three-piece line-up and composed of only singer and guitarist Josh Moran, Vacant Eyes have recently completed their line-up with the addition of a drummer and two other guitarists and this will certainly be an added value to their growth as well as facilitating their live activity. The Dim Light Of Introversion is the first important step of a path that promises to be extremely interesting for those who love this kind of music.

2014 – Independent