A typical example of how good ideas and a sure talent are partly thwarted by the little attention that there is overall for the funeral is this unique work by Dartropia. Sons of Gaïa (2014) is in fact a first work full of remarkable ideas and that exudes a real passion for the genre played: unfortunately, however, the fact that even according to the same Folo (the French musician author of the work) the whole thing was born mainly as a personal divertissement, rather than as something to propose to a hypothetical audience, has meant that the recording is very amateur, thus exacerbating those defects that a good production would have largely blunted. It amazes me, frankly, that no underground label has come forward concretely proposing to the transalpine boy the opportunity to record again and with adequate means Sons of Gaïa, since at the purely compositional level it is a work in my opinion above average. Who is not discouraged in front of homemade productions try to give a listen to this good half hour of melodic funeral that probably will not have any sequel.

2014 – Independent