Chiral is a young musician from Piacenza who, with Abyss, shows without hesitation his intent to propose music that can combine the roughness and rhythm of black, the despair of depressive and the melancholic melodic taste of a progressive traits obviously quite dark. Abyss is an ep that arrives one year after the demo Winter Eternal and, considering that the project Chiral is of recent birth, even more surprising is the quality shown on this occasion. The work is a short concept focused on the reactions of a person faced with the cruel reality of having to deal with the tragedy of an incurable disease and the adverse consequences that this causes even at the psychic level, until the approach of the final act. In this sense, the issues treated are not new (in this regard, I invite you to rediscover the magnificent The Incurable Tragedy of Into Eternity) but stands out from the start the ability of Chiral to draw the individual moments of the story, alternating moments of anger, pain and despair well represented by the different stylistic nuances exhibited in different circumstances. Abyss is divided into two acts: the first one effectively introduces the listener in this successful emotional melange with Descent into Darkness and Oblivion, before the title track opens the second one standing as a guide song and a real pearl, in which the accelerations of black leave even more room for moments of great pathos created by the guitar work of Chiral, who favors the impact and intensity over the pure display of technique: never as in this case the label progressive affixed to our reveals the antipodes of a sterile and only formal experimental vein. An ep really engaging, composed by a musician who, judging by the premises, has all the numbers to leave in the near future a tangible sign in the Italian metal scene.

2014 – Independent 2015 – Black Plague Records