Interesting debut for the Icelandic Naught, authors of a sludge doom as dense as the lava that comes out of the many volcanoes scattered on the ground of their beautiful island. Only three tracks in this ep, with the title in the mother tongue and therefore predictably of difficult pronunciation for us Latins (Tómhyggjublús), enough however to satisfy the lovers of these sounds without risking to bring them to overdose, given the sometimes exasperating slowness shown by ours. This, which for me is a merit, maybe for many may represent an insurmountable obstacle, but it is clear that the intent of Naught is certainly not to give someone a half hour of carefree. Moreover, if the opening song Í Paradís possesses in toto the stigmata of the most muddy sludge, the blues-flavored incipit of the subsequent title track shows us that the Icelandic band does not exhibit only a gloomy vocation for dark and disturbing sounds, even if in the end these eleven minutes prove equally a test of resistance not bad for those who were not familiar with the genre (except then assume an expression not unlike that of the statue depicted on the cover). In any case, the vaguely melodic parvenze surfaced in the specific juncture are swept away by Hold Er Mold, which closes the EP at its best with slightly more sustained rhythms speckled by the growl always effective vocalist. Excellent test, therefore, for the combo of Akureyri, reality to be monitored with due attention in view of a possible debut on long distance.

2014 – Independent