Eintritt – Tempel Der Meere

Despite the fact that the moniker and title of the first album, including the lyrics of the songs, are in German, Eintritt was the one man band of Polish Eija Risen (Piotr Chojnacki), a musician from Poznan who in 2014 released the first and only full length of this project of his straddling between atmospheric black and funeral. Tempel Der Meere is a concept inspired by the film Stalker by Andrey Tarkovsky and focused on the four elements as a metaphor for life, told by a sailor, musically the carpet created mainly by the synth is speckled by a scream matrix black which is often alternated with a beautiful clean voice, by the American Michael Rumple. The result is a work of great value, very accurate compared to the average of the releases in the field and in the same geographical area, symptomatic of non-trivial compositional skills by Ejja, who gives again in 2015 the ep Breath of Thanatos; the work keeps intact the coordinates and therefore the positive aspects highlighted in the previous release and, not surprisingly, the same author defines it as a sort of extension of his. The closing of the adventure of Eintritt happens with the publication of the self-titled collection, which includes the two albums mentioned in addition to the single Myriad proving to be a good opportunity to listen to an hour and twenty of music not too extreme and pleasant from the first to the last minute.

2014 – No Remorse Records