It’s not enough, but with a moniker like Funerary the chances of being mentioned in the blog increase a lot; beyond that, the funeral of this band from Phoenix exasperates the concepts of the genre putting it side by side with sludge and drone and enlivening it with an extreme vocalism entrusted to the screamer K.Bastard. Starless Aeon is the typical work that proves to be a test of endurance to be overcome by the potential listener who, once obtained the result, can be quietly torn apart by the low and powerful sound of this quintet from the potential not negligible. The split album with Ooze from Trieste closes the adventure of the band, with two tracks more sludge-oriented, although adequately disturbed, almost in deference to the genre played by our compatriots.

2014 – Midnite Collective 2015 – Sentient Ruin Laboratories / Vendetta Records