Unlike what happens in India, the Indonesian doom scene is all in all quite full-bodied numerically, even if it does not include any band capable of making space outside the area of Southeast Asia. In this sense, Candlegoat from Bangun, authors in 2014 of an album of fine workmanship such as Tenebrosa, would have had a certain potential; if the positive evaluation of the work can be deceptively exaggerated by the exotic origin of the group, the real reasons actually derive from the surprising competence that the two musicians involved, Iowa Ababil and Hadesthrone, exhibit along these fifty minutes of funeral with black veins, as befits those who, like ours, have this background. The sources of inspiration are those canonical, as it draws on the cornerstones of the genre such as Worship and Mournful Congregation, whose lesson is given, however, a greater melodic propensity that results in dreamy songs, despite the strength of their skeleton, such as Dismal, Loss and Profound, in this case with a refined final at the edge of the ambient. The outcome of this first and only full length of Candlegoat is very positive but, similarly to what happened in many other cases, the limited appeal of the genre and the consequent response of the public will push the good Iowa to indulge his propensity for black metal with a crust project called Kerberos, although judging by what can be found on social funeral does not seem to have been permanently set aside.

2014 – Grieve Records 2016 – Monolith Penumbrae