Disclosed Silence come from Toulouse and Perpetual Sadness is their long distance debut. The French band, which in fact is the only project of the guitarist and singer David, assisted by other musicians as regards the live activity, offers for the occasion a gothic doom of fine workmanship in which there are different influences, ranging from the inevitable initiators of the genre, Paradise Lost, without disdaining both their most recent disciples of Mediterranean extraction (Nightfall and Forgotten Tomb), and the Scandinavian bands (Katatonia, Tiamat and, hoping that they have not already been forgotten, Cemetary). Even without amazing innovative capacity, titanic undertaking in itself in a genre so beaten, Disclosed Silence convince thanks to a very linear writing ability that makes the songs enjoyable without particular effort while maintaining a certain depth. The margins for improvement, however, there are plenty: for example, in front of a growl really good level, sometimes it indulges in clean vocals inadequate if compared to the overall level of the compositions. This is a choice that derives from the praiseworthy intent of the transalpine musician to insert in his songs (particularly in Deception) also post metal moods, with a natural predilection for his fellow countrymen Alcest; personally, I think that those who appreciate a genre like gothic death doom can only approve the use of a good growl as expressed by David, and it is certainly not giving up in favor of more reassuring tones that you can think of attracting a few more fans, if anything it is easier that the opposite happens. That said, Perpetual Sadness turns out to be a valuable work, containing a handful of songs capable of conquering thanks to a good instrumental technique, as well as a remarkable melodic propensity that never flows into cloying. Good both the title track and the more rhythmic Condemned To Suffer but, perhaps, the album reserves the best with the final Memorial that stands as a sort of further gothic version of Forgotten Tomb, as well as highlighting the elegant guitar touch of David both with the soloist and with the acoustic. Beautiful debut then from Disclosed Silence, even taking into account the difficulties arising from a rather long gestation of the disc: in view of this and the potential not even too much hidden, the next album could bring the band of David really very close to the heights of the genre.

2014 – Independent