The Canadian one man band Graven Dusk, with this first self-titled work, offers a black depressive with doom veins and ample ambient openings, rich in valuable moments and, above all, of great balance. The goodness of Evil Lair’s work, the Quebec musician owner of the project, is largely due to the melodic taste that, well distributed throughout the album, proves to be the key picklock to penetrate inside the defenses of the listener, immersing him in those dark atmospheres that the production characterizing this type of releases helps to accentuate. In fact, despite the usual scream growl that seems to come from who knows what hidden recess, the disc offers with good continuity atmospheres really valuable and constantly oscillating between melancholy and despair. Evil Lair with Graven Dusk makes clear once and for all that linearity and simplicity are a merit and not a limit, even more so in a genre where pretentiousness reveals itself to be nothing but the antechamber of boredom. Beautiful work, maybe not really recommended to those who want to listen to something carefree, but certainly suitable, however, to those who have a more contemplative soul and does not disdain to bask in melancholic atmospheres from time to time.

2014 – Kunsthauch