New Midas Kings of metal, Déhà and Daniel Neagoe make gold everything they touch. The two, who more than once have shared their many projects, always with excellent results (Deos and Clouds, among others), we find them again together on this occasion, grappling with a new incarnation of Déhà, to which Daniel essentially lends his voice. With Vaer, the Belgian musician further exaggerates the alienating sensations caused by Imber Luminis: the main difference is that, in For Many Reasons, the depressive moods take clearly the upper hand on the post-metal pulsions that pervaded a dark work like Imber Aeternus. The presence of Daniel allows Déhà to alternate his desperate screaming with the different and deeper tones of the Romanian musician, going to create a scenario of suffering and psychic instability that can not leave indifferent. For Many Reasons is a disc that causes an almost physical pain: the screams of the two partners evoke extreme scenarios made of torn clothes, torn flesh and psychic states irreparably destabilized. Forty minutes of music of spasmodic intensity, difficult to endure for those who have not wanted, at least once in their lives, to show the world all their pain; the mask of indifference that hides the existential discomfort is finally torn from the face at full force, bringing with it flaps of flesh and leaving deep scars that no cosmetic surgeon will never hide. If Beneath The Shade Of Time and Disheartened are two tracks that leave no rest, with all the load of despair that is exposed, Left In The Cold is the monument of the current depressive metal also because, which is not insignificant, the suffering is exhibited through an unassailable instrumental and vocal performance: the song winds without drops of emotional tension always keeping in evidence a beautiful melodic line that the disturbing jumble of percussion and vocals tries in vain to overpower. For Many Reasons is yet another milestone created by the brilliant Belgian musician: even if, by now, those who know him should be accustomed to it, Déhà always manages to surprise, whatever style he decides to wear.

2014 – GS Productions