Torrens Conscientium – All Alone With The Thought

Solitude Productions continues to churn out indefatigable bands of great stature from the former Soviet geographical area, able to maintain high the banner of funeral death doom. Torrens Conscientium come from Ukraine and offer their debut album titled All Alone With The Thoughts, a magnificent test that surprises especially for the great compositional maturity on display. The trio from Sinferopoli doesn’t opt for melodic solutions particularly accentuated because, despite being ascribable to the atmospheric genre, the sound is characterized by a discrete impact that travels hand in hand with atmospheres full of oppressive drama, often interspersed with prolonged and effective acoustic moments. If we want, All Alone With The Thoughts is the essence of death doom: heavy riffs, rather versatile growl, bradycardic rhythms and reflective moments that go to make up that picture of imminent and inescapable tragedy that does not induce liberating tears but, rather, causes a sense of turmoil and anguish. Immersion, Hitcher and, above all, the wonderful Being Lonely are the pearls of an album that does not show tension drops and that reveals itself, once again, essential nourishment for those who are hungry of these sounds, able to find immortality in their singing, absurdly, just of death and despair. The umpteenth magnificent work coming from nations where, evidently, this germ has been dormant for a long time and that in these last years following its awakening is knowing a development that is manna for all the fans.

2014 – Solitude Productions