At their third album, which comes after five years from the previous Le Mirage De L’Idéal due to a series of vicissitudes related to the line-up, the Sardinians Arcana Coelestia give to the press their best work revealing, however, fully complementary to the various musical projects that involve MZ, the only one remaining among the original members of the band after the exit of vocalist LS. The multi-instrumentalist from Cagliari, in fact, is currently active with several bands belonging to the doom orbit, such as Urna and Aphonic Threnody, bands in which we find at the voice the new singer RM (Roberto Mura), and Locus Mortis, dedicated to black metal, in which the drummer PV plays. This intertwining, which often leads the same musicians to play in several bands, does not mean, fortunately, that all of them end up resembling each other and, if we want, Arcana Coelestia represent more than others the sum of different experiences, so that the black of Locus Mortis, the death doom of Aphonic Threnody and the funeral with experimental traits of Urna are conveyed in an expressive form that borders on perfection in its ability to amalgamate all these aspects. In Nomas, the five long songs are imbued with all that is needed to capture the listener by virtue of compositions each capable of giving truly unforgettable moments, whether they are sudden melodic openings (the beautiful guitar line at the third minute of Nomas II), dark symphonic passages (the solemn final of Nomas III) or dreamy atmospheres (in the conclusion of Nomas V). Not less important are the frequent black outbursts, supported by the varied drumming of PV, by the work on the six strings of MZ, always able to extract strips of melody even in the darkest and most paroxysmal moments, and by the great vocal work of RM, versatile and especially communicative in every style adopted. Nomas is a magnificent work, that grows exponentially with each listening and that, each time, makes you discover fundamental passages that were not caught in previous occasions, composed and played by local musicians who deserve to be followed with due attention in their many projects and not only with Arcana Coelestia.

2014 – Avantgarde Music