Assumption is a duo from Palermo composed by Giorgio and David, musicians who are also involved in other bands already in evidence: the first, who takes care of the voice and all instruments except drums, we find him also with Elevators To The Grateful Sky, Sergeant Hamster Haemophagus and Morbo, while the second, who is dedicated precisely to the work behind the skins, is still involved in the last two bands. Versatile musicians, then, since in the mentioned bands range from stoner to death, from psychedelia to grindcore: under the moniker Assumption the two, however, entrust their expressive urgency to a death doom of great charm, resulting from peculiar characteristics that sometimes make it even a bit ‘forced placement in this stylistic environment. The Three Appearances presents half an hour of music that, at least in its first half, coinciding with the first three songs, brings us back to the dawn of the 90s, to be exact to 1991, the year of grace that saw the release of three masterpieces for the extreme metal: Necroticism… of Carcass, Forest Of Equilibrium of Cathedral and Blessed Are The Sick of Morbid Angel: it’s not a gamble to say that, since an attentive listener can easily find a deep growl to David Vincent overhang a riffing of Carcass mold, often slowed down to bradycardia, as well as occurred in the milestone not replicable published by the band of Lee Dorrian. Am I exaggerating? No, also because, being (unfortunately) old enough to have been able to listen to those records in real time, and moreover when I was already an adult, the first pleasant sensations felt when listening to the work of Assumption were those related to such sounds apparently ancient, yet always damn current. The Sicilian duo succeeds in this not easy task without disdaining to give a last part of the album with more experimental traits, such as the one represented by the twelve minutes of the title track, where an important psychedelic component is introduced and interpenetrates with passages of morbid slowness, always supported by a growl and a really convincing guitar work by Giorgio. Great album, yet another one born in the extreme field from the musically always fertile Trinacria.

2014 – Terror From Hell Records 2020 – Everlasting Spew Records / Sentient Ruin Laboratories