The Brazilians Jupiterian make their debut with this ep in the name of a death doom with rather traditional connotations. If Brazil has given birth to formidable bands in the field of power (Angra) or death thrash (Sepultura), the same can’t be said for doom, where the only realities of a certain relevance, still protagonists of good releases in recent times, are Mythological Cold Towers and HellLight, names that aren’t in the first row anyway; if we want, the sound of Jupiterian refers more to the older works of the first ones even if without touching their peaks in terms of epicness. Especially in the first two tracks, Archaic brings out a rather consistent band, able to transform a relatively raw approach into something really effective: a good growl, mellow and dilated riffs and a good evocative vein make the title track and Procession Towards The Monolith certainly good tracks, as a proof of a potential that should not be underestimated. The final track, Currents Of Io, is less effective because it is weighed down by repetitive solutions. Although it shows some valuable flashes, it also dilutes them in more than ten minutes, during which Jupiterian propose all the stylistic features of the genre. So the first half of the work is definitely good, while the second one shows some limits of the Paulist band. To know which of the two faces is actually the most representative of Jupiterian we have to wait for the full length, placing them for now in the list of bands to keep under observation.

2014 – Independent 2016 – Audio Miasma