Luna – There Is No Tomorrow Gone Beyond Sorrow Under A Sheltering Mask

We find again, after about six months, this solo project of the Ukrainian musician DeMort in the form of a short ep that reveals, however, quite interesting for several reasons. Listening to Ashes to Ashes, an album released last year by Solitude, had remained the legacy of heavy influences of bands like Ea and Monolithe, although in itself this should not be considered an absolute evil and the work was not at all despicable: the adhesion to those models seemed however excessive, and the occasional presence of good melodic cues didn’t justify the total renunciation of a personal trait; in the two songs published in this occasion, DeMort seems instead to have freed himself in good part from such stylistic cues, landing to a form of atmospheric doom with less funereal traits and with wide melodic openings, not deprived moreover of a certain solemnity. There Is No Tomorrow Gone Beyond Sorrow Under A Sheltering Mask therefore flows in a very pleasant way, placing Luna among the prospects to be kept under close observation in the near future. Less than a quarter of an hour of music, but well focused and equally well executed, is in fact the ideal viaticum for a next full length that could ensure the desirable leap in quality to the Ukrainian one-man band. I remain, as always, slightly perplexed in the presence of proposals from the format entirely instrumental (the use of a good growl would be an added value not insignificant) but, undoubtedly, this is a test that deserves due attention and proper listening by fans looking for new names.

2015 – Solitude Productions