Transient is the debut album of the Brazilian band Lachrimatory, published as a self-production in 2011 and reissued this year by the always careful Russian label Solitude Productions. Not always the reissues of albums released several years before turn out to be necessary or tantalizing operations but, in this case, just listen to the first two-three tracks of the work composed by the group from Curitiba to realize that such a gem deserves to be reproposed, since most (including myself) probably at the time of its first publication had escaped. Transient offers over an hour of funeral death doom of great quality, with a production maybe perfectible but all in all acceptable and, above all, full of great pathos: Lachrimatory, after all, are not newcomers to the genre, in fact their first steps date back to 1999, but before releasing a full length they wanted at all costs to have the material at the height, succeeding certainly in this intent. Moreover, while making their own the teachings of the best known bands in this area, in the end the sound of the Brazilians does not even appear particularly derivative, ending up not resembling anyone in particular; the use of the cello, which often replaces the guitar in the solo parts (see the beautiful final of Void), offers a particular connotation to the compositions, which last on average about ten minutes and live on melancholic atmospheres, in which the lion’s share is undoubtedly Ávila Schultz, vocalist and keyboardist. Transient has perhaps the only defect of being a bit unbalanced at the level of the setlist, so the first three songs Seclusion, Lachrimatory and Twilight, appear much more effective and evocative than the subsequent Clarity and Deluge, while Void, as mentioned, sees its best moments in the final part. The impression (and hope) is that this band, obtained a certain visibility thanks to the re-release of this excellent album, can find the right impulse to propose in the near future something even more convincing.

2011 – Independent 2014 – Solitude Productions