In their third year of activity, the U.S.A. band Woccon make their long-distance debut, having already made themselves known in 2012 with the excellent ep The Wither Fields, a work that at the time was reported to me by the same vocalist and guitarist Tim Rowland, allowing me to discover a new, exciting reality, towards which it was not necessary to have any particular divinatory skills to predict a bright future. Precisely the bases placed with that release are the solid support on which Woccon create their death doom, indeed not entirely conventional, because of the frequent post-rock nuances that sometimes come to sweeten a sound that, certainly, takes as its main reference point the magnificent compatriots Daylight Dies, without this going to the detriment of personality, quite the contrary. The style of the band from Georgia, in fact, appears quite peculiar in its progression, thanks to its never excessively slow times and a mood much less gloomy than the average, sometimes favoring a melodic aspect more dreamy than melancholic (here’s the link with the post rock we were talking about just now). The excellent vocal interpretation of a Tim Rowland who, fortunately, does not give in to the temptation of diluting with clean passages his remarkable growl, does not surprise in light of what good he had already shown on the occasion of the ep, and gives the sound that stability that brings Woccon to offer almost an hour of compelling music, really devoid of drops and with some really exciting emotional peaks such as the beautiful Impermanence and Behind The Clouds, not to mention the strokes of a softer track like the instrumental Valadiliene, real strokes of class that even now place the band from Athens on levels close to the masters of the genre.

2014 – Deathbound Records