Evadne – Dethroned Of Light

After a wonderful album like The Shortest Way, we really couldn’t wait to hear something new from Evadne: with this ep titled Dethroned Of Light, the Valencian band fulfills this wish only partially. In fact, among the four tracks proposed, the only unreleased one is the opening track, Colossal, and never as in this case the title seems fitting: dramatic atmospheres and poignant melodies bring us back to death doom in its highest expressions, going to disturb the most inspired Swallow The Sun (those of The Morning Never Came, for instance). After this track, which demonstrates the excellent health of our composers, the rest of the work is dedicated to the reworking of songs already published, one for each of the previous releases: The Wanderer was the melancholic instrumental track present in The Shortest Way, the novelty lies in the fact that here is added the voice, going to complete in the best way a song that lacked just the growl of Albert Conejero to rise to the status of yet another pearl sprung from the hands of Evadne. Awaiting takes up the more gothic tones of The 13th Condition, but there is no doubt that this version seems much more appropriate to the current sound of the Iberian band that here, among other things, uses the vocal contribution of Natalie Koskinen, female voice of the seminal Shape Of Despair, of which we are always hoping for a sequel to Illusion’s Play, published in 2004; dates back to the same year the first release of Evadne, with the demo In The Bitterness Of Our Souls, from which is taken the closing track of the ep, Bleak Rememberance, made in such a way as not to show any wrinkle being completely up to, in this new guise, the most recent production. Half an hour of music of excellent workmanship that, absurdly, does not appease but makes even more pressing the desire to hear a new full length by the band that today, along with Helevorn, represents in the best way a Spanish doom movement that is growing exponentially.

2014 – Independent