Debut album for Grieving Mirth, a band founded by a Mexican (Abomination) and an American (Adversor, also working in the valid doomsters Nethermost) who have chosen as vocalist D.H., an Italian based in London. This particular, but today not so rare, mixture of cultures produces a work in which black metal is expressed in one of its highest forms. The misanthropic and rabid lyrics, interpreted with great intensity in our language by D.H., are the fulcrum of a musical fabric in which a painful and dramatic mark prevails, where depressive and post metal influences converge. Although it is always an album of black matrix, the rhythms are maintained, except for some acceleration, on average speed, where what turns out to be really paroxysmal is instead the lyrical impact, through which is vomited on the listener every ugliness and vileness that the human psyche is able to give birth. The fact of being able to enjoy the lyrics without any mediation obviously makes them much more effective, allowing us to identify with the outcast and disgusting being that DH has wonderfully depicted with his texts. In his half hour Calamitosvs Omine we tine nailed to the chair, overwhelmed by the human wickedness propagated by a cry of pain now angry, now desperate, sometimes interspersed with short parentheses with clean voice (Optio) or recited (Abuse). The two musicians living on the opposite banks of the Rio Bravo produce a sound fabric with a tragic aura, which serves as an ideal stage for the staging of the tragic story in which the slight motion of pity, evoked by the story of the protagonist in Malaugurio, Indelectatvs and Optio, is gradually transformed into hatred and disgust that find their climax in the final Thousand Faces and Abuse. This first work of Grieving Mirth should be listened to all in one breath, being overwhelmed by a musical flow of rare intensity and an exasperated lyrical impact, for a final result fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

2015 – Loud Rage Music