Born as Tenspeed Warlock at the end of the last decade, Shrine Of The Serpent publish their first work with the new moniker, an ep of the same name lasting about half an hour distributed in three tracks. The trio from Portland engages in a sludge doom with considerable connotations of death: the result is a tremendously heavy and monolithic sound that drags in its whirlpool everything that meets on its path. Variety in this work is an unknown noun and, in the end, Shrine Of The Serpent sounds as if the needle of the Forest Of Equilibrium record had been enchanted on one of the heaviest riffs staged by Gary Jennings. The growl voice does the rest, composing a picture that all in all should satisfy fans of doom more dirty and true, especially at the end of listening to Gods Of Blight, the fierce performance that closes an ep in my opinion of good level, which is appreciated precisely by virtue of its linearly muddy gait. To keep an eye on in view of a possible full length.

2015 – Parasitic Records