A strange creature in its own way are Pendulous, a Californian band that publishes an ep and a full length trying to amalgamate funeral, classic doom and depressive drifts; the operation succeeds quite well with the ep Mirrored Confessions of 2013, in which the element that stands out is the use of clean vocals by E.R.M. (Eric Rezső Mendoza) who alternates a good growl with an osbournian voice not even too much in tune but with a remarkable evocative potential. Already from these clues it’s clear how much the definition of funeral in relation to the sound proposed by Pendolous is at the limit but, despite the variety and the oscillation – as the name chosen not by chance – between moments of introspective calm and more rhythmic openings, the band is still in that riverbed. All this is perfected both in terms of writing and sound in the full length A Palpable Sense of Love & Loss, equally varied than the ep but darker and better focused on feelings of abandonment and desolation and the contrast between the two vocal styles that lead Pendolous to resemble a more rustic version of Mourning Beloveth.

2015 – Baneful Genesis Records

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