Depressive black from the United States with the duo Pale From Sunlight, at the debut with this first long-distance work after the eponymous released only last February. The interpretation of the genre sees Krullnaag and Vemetrith grappling with the usual sounds veined with dulling pain that share the stage with the equally canonical heartbreaking vocals.
The element of interest for Pale From Sunlight resides, therefore, in the greater rarefaction of the atmospheres, which are never trivial and that, in the end, can induce that sense of inescapable and endless despair that the dsbm intends to pour on the listener. It’s just a pity that the production is not able to fully exploit the good compositional work, but who loves these sounds by now has already done plenty of ear to this aspect. The five tracks appear however all rather effective even if, for personal taste, I really appreciated the conclusive Last Sunset, practically a funeral depressive exhibition able to convey in one go all the existential discomfort that, each in its own way, both genres intend to convey. Good test however for a band that is placed with good ease in the wake of the best American school that sees Xasthur and Dhampyr as standard-bearers.

2015 – Independent