Debut album for Endlesshade, which contribute to enrich, with this Wolf Will Swallow The Sun, a Ukrainian death doom scene already quite lively. The fact of including in the title the name of one of the leading bands of the genre is equivalent to a declaration of intent but may also appear misleading, since the references to the Finnish masters are there, yes, but not to the extent that we could have expected. All in all, in fact, it’s mainly the title track that mostly pays homage to Kotamäki and his associates, while in the rest of the record a dramatic aura predominates, where dreamy traits alternate with other rather harsh ones. The band from Kiev doesn’t reinvent the wheel but proposes in the best way what every fan of the genre would like to hear: painful scores, strong riffs, decadent melodies drawn by the lead guitar on which stands out the impressive growl of a Natalia Androsova that, at least from what we can hear on the disc, appears to be the best female growl ever heard. Between the beautiful Post Mortem and Truth Untold is enclosed almost an hour of death doom absolutely in line stylistically with the best expressions of the former Soviet area, which gives us Endlesshade as yet another exciting new discovery on which to focus attention in the future.

2015 – Rain Without End Records / Naturmacht Productions