Helfir – Still Bleeding

It is not so common to find a perfect correspondence between the influences declared by a musician and what then flows into his records: all this happens, however, on the occasion of the ‘debut as a soloist Luca Mazzotta from Salento with his project Helfir. In its Facebook page is referred to Antimatter, Anathema, Katatonia, Porcupine Tree and Alternative 4, and actually in Still Bleeding Mazzotta assimilates first, and then admirably amalgamate what is produced by all these magnificent bands. Undoubtedly, the imprint provided by Mick Moss is the one that manifests itself in a more evident way, but Luca has the great merit of not limiting himself to a faded or didactic quotation, putting instead his own composition and presenting a batch of songs almost unassailable. Of course, the English musician lacks the unmistakable timbre that alone makes any song special, but Mazzotta’s interpretation is equally effective and, above all, capable of touching the right chords, scattering the album with moments of great emotional depth, also thanks to an excellent guitar work. To be honest, two of the bands that Luca places among his deities, I’m talking about Porcupine Tree (and Wilson himself as a soloist) and Katatonia, haven’t been able to produce involving works like this magnificent debut album by Helfir for a long time. A disc to enjoy immersing yourself in its notes that never betray, with the only point of opacity found in the folk scent of Dresses Of Pain; nothing but the classic hair in the egg of a record that amazes and captivates with the uncommon beauty of My Blood, Alone, Black Flame, definitely up to Antimatter and Alternative 4 more inspired, and Night And Deceit, a beautiful song with more robust sounds and dark flavor, in some ways comparable to the last The Foreshadowing, which closes in the best way the inspired work of this talented Italian musician. For those who love the sounds now symbolized by the various Moss, Patterson and Cavanagh brothers, Still Bleeding is an album absolutely unmissable.

2015 – My Kingdom Music