Project of the French musician Macabre, Mortis Mutilati stands by right among the best things heard recently in the field of black metal cloaked by depressive and atmospheric nuances. Mélopée Funèbre is the third long-distance work and comes to seal a constant progression both from the compositional point of view and from the production one. While not showing crystal clear sounds, the album has a more than satisfactory performance for the parameters of the genre, apart from the voice that is slightly covered by the instruments as written, you could say. What matters, however, is that Macabre has recorded a series of songs from the melancholic and evocative cut, characteristics to which must be added a charge of despair that makes the work really a raw as painful gem. I do not know how much can affect the psychic disorder of which he declares to be affected, the tafofilia (broadly speaking, a morbid attraction to everything that has to do with funerals and cemeteries), the fact is that the particular form of empathy that Macabre expresses towards those who occupy the coffins shines through the painful gait of the songs, all full of dark moods and that, however, escape any optimistic glow of light. The sound draws on the best of the Scandinavian school, slowing down the pace in favor of mid tempo in which the melodic afflatus plays a role of absolute protagonist, finding its moment of maximum elevation in what we could rightly define as the musical manifesto of Macabre, Eros & Thanatos. Mélopée Funèbre is a splendid album, which exudes from every pore a metaphysical pain that Macabre is not able to soothe if not, partially, just by putting in music his unusual drives.

2015 – Naturmacht Productions