Second album for this Russian funeral doom project called Dryom (Дрём), rather mysterious as often happens for musical proposals coming from those lands. This 2 is, in fact, a very orthodox version of the genre as well performed: a gurgling growl overhangs a musical fabric from the traits rather atmospheric so that the territories trodden here appear close to those of Ea, albeit with less variety in the use of lead guitar and a less massive presence of keyboards. The only musician behind the project knows perfectly the matter and gives to those who love the genre an hour of funeral that does not disappoint, wrapping with its pachydermic rhythms that support a melodic afflatus however always well present. The four long tracks appear rather uniform, aspect that should be understood more as a peculiar characteristic of this style of music rather than a defect, so it’s hard to choose one song or another, even if the final Ona shows something more in terms of painful drama. A good disc recommended to the estimators of the Russian funeral school.

2015 – Solitude Productions