Maestus – Voir Dire

From Portland come Maestus, band founded by Stephen Parker whose debut in 2013, with the good demo Scarlet Lakes, was in the form of a duo completed by vocalist and keyboardist Sofos; a mix between black and doom already good for a demo prepared the ground for the first full length Voir Dire. The group with this work begins to take on a more complete appearance, with the entry of bassist Kenneth Parker, Stephen’s brother, and drummer Cordell Cline; to complete the participation of the Parker family there is also the vocal contribution of his sister Chrysalis to make the opening song more ethereal, however very long within a total duration of almost an hour and a quarter. In a work of such dimensions it’s natural that it’s put a lot of meat on the fire and, in fact, Voir Dire changes rhythms and moods several times, oscillating between ambient, black and doom, resulting valid but also a bit dispersive.

2015 – Glossolalia Records