Second album for the Ukrainian one man band Luna, of which we have already spoken on the occasion of both the debut full length and the ep released not too long ago. After having experimented something different in that occasion with good results, DeMort is back in toto to the sounds devoted to an atmospheric funeral devoted in way too much to Ea. As in that juncture, in fact, the new work lives of the same contradictions: evocative atmospheres driven mostly by keyboards that trace faithfully, though with due competence, that kind of sound. Two tracks only, entirely instrumental, for about an hour in total duration, which are still a pleasant experience for those who love these sounds, leave in inheritance, unfortunately, the feeling of having listened to a good substitute of one of the most particular band of the entire doom scene, like it or not. All this, then, forces me to replicate the judgment provided in Ashes To Ashes even if, from the comparison, there are significant steps forward both in terms of executive and compositional aspect, which appears much less essential. I think that DeMort, if he wants to try to carve out a more important space, will try to further customize the sound, maybe trying to include the vocal parts, another element that can bring a certain variety, even if it should be used sparingly.

2015 – Solitude Productions