Monument of Urns – Broken

From some crevice of New England in 2005 begin to move the mysterious Monument of Urns publishing with some regularity several ep, all strictly containing single tracks between 15 and 30 minutes long, which expressed an idea of funeral pitiless, drone sludge veins and devoid of any melodic hypothesis, while in the background you hear a voice that tries to make space to convey the sense of disapproval and disgust. The series of ep’s is interrupted in 2011 before resuming with Broken in 2015 and, finally, releasing the single Wolfhorn in 2017; all releases are curated by the Hand Hewn Timbre label and the fact that its roster exclusively includes Monuments Of Urns reasonably suggests that band and label were one and the same. Even the single maintains the characteristics already highlighted if not perhaps a trend more rhythmically incisive and approachable to sludge, all under the banner of a consistency that is limit and merit of the work of this interesting reality.

2015 – Hand Hewn Timbre