US band Dead Hand are of rather recent formation, since their genesis dates back to 2013, and Storm Of Demiurge is their first full length that also includes the two tracks (Ground to Ash and The Last King) featured in the ep released last year. If a good day starts in the morning, the future of the Georgian band looks as muddy as it is exciting, since the sludge displayed in these three generous quarters of an hour of music appears from the start to be of the highest quality. If Resign To Complacency is presented as a sort of intro and then flows into a riff repeated to the bitter end, with the aforementioned Ground to Ash you enter in the heart of the work thanks to its dark atmospheres that, at times, are diluted by post metal moods functional to crack the incedere of a sound by its nature rather monolithic. In fact, despite the initial premises, a certain melodic-acoustic component often takes hold, giving that alternation of sensations able to make the band’s proposal more peculiar. The vocals are in line with the sludge post metal tradition, and they go well with the threatening atmospheres that find their first sublimation in Trailed By Wolves, a very long track that proves to be emblematic of the skills and characteristics of Dead Hand, who never forget to impress recognizable traits to their songs. The album lives of a continuous emotional tension, accentuated by the trend common to all tracks, with a beginning almost suffused and acoustic traits which follows a crescendo, more or less clear, with which the trio gradually increases the shot until the climax is reached (which also happens, but in a less pronounced way, in the title track). The closure entrusted to the other song already published, The Last King, fully confirms the compositional vein of Dead Hand, able since their first test on long distance to capture the attention thanks to a writing never trivial and that, at the same time, seems to ensure further and extremely interesting developments.

2015 – Divine Mother Recordings