Mythological Cold Towers are one of the most important Brazilian realities in the doom field, although their notoriety is actually confined to a few insiders. Author of a few albums diluted in a rather large time span, the paulist band has gradually moved from an epic form of black doom, rough as of rare effectiveness, expressed especially in the magnificent The Vanished Pantheon, to a death doom with gothic shades and connotations always very evocative. Mythological Cold Towers are able to transmit in a complete way the dark and decadent mood of the genre without losing that epic aura that has always been in their DNA. Monvmenta Antiqva succeeds quite well in this intent thanks also to a splendid work of the lead guitar, able to make the best, albeit in a very essential way, those who are the moods of a work that confirms the high standard of quality put on display in the previous Immemorial. Beyond The Frontispiece splendidly opens an album that touches very high emotional peaks in a song like Of Ruins And Tragedies, which has the only defect to get lost in a final interlocutory part going to partially erode an emotional crescendo that deserved a better epilogue. Sand Relics starts again with the mark of the opener, with keyboard and guitar to build solemn scores on which Samej recites his unhealthy litanies, using a semi recited growl absolutely functional to the context in which it goes to insert. The spirit of Septic Flesh of Esoptron hovers instead in the first part of Baalbeck, where an apparently elementary piano touch elevates to excess the pathos of the song in its descending phase. Even Strange Artifacts follows the winning pattern of Beyond The Frontispiece, while Vestiges is the worthy closing of a very nice album, with which the Mythological Cold Towers manage to touch the innermost chords of the soul without resorting to any particular artifice, but exhibiting a usable sound and definitely not inclined to accelerations or outbursts of death or black matrix. Monvmenta Antiqva is a long work but that rises after each listening, composed and performed at its best by a band of value that, probably, has collected much less than it deserved in terms of popularity, however, within a genre that already stands proudly at the antipodes of the musical mainstream.

2015 – Nuktemeron Productions