Two years after the excellent Wetterkreuz, the Germans Eïs are back. As you know, they are the ex-Geïst members who were deprived of the first and the last letter to solve legal problems due to the common moniker with another Teutonic band. In fact then, between the members of the original band followed a separation that left Eïs in the hands of only Alboin and Marlek, while the remaining musicians have given life to the interesting Vyre. Bannstein continues on the shareable line of a black metal of typical Germanic matrix, then harsh but with wide atmospheric openings and avant-garde traits inserted with wisdom, thus avoiding to make the sound too intricate. Five rather long tracks make up this involving extreme ride that amply demonstrates how, with the right inspiration, can result in excellent black metal in all its forms, whether devoted to tradition or open to different contaminations. If we want to find the hair in the egg, we have to note that Bannstein is exactly the record that I would have expected to hear from Eïs, neither more nor less but, provided that this is a defect, personally this can only please me since among the bands based in Germany, the one led by Alboin and Marlek is among my favorites. In fifty minutes of unassailable quality, Im Noktuarium and Im Schoß Der Welken Blätter stand out for their algid and solemn gait, concrete evidence of an uncommon competence in dealing with the matter. Still a center for a band that, regardless of the name used, has offered in the new century a series of albums not to be missed by fans.

2015 – Lupus Lounge